Welcome to Repair the World’s 8 Nights of Sandy Service: volunteer projects, donation opportunities and tikkun olam ideas for the week of Hanukkah to help the individuals and communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Keep track of all 8 nights here.

From a submerged boardwalk in Atlantic City, to the ravaging of the famous Jersey shore, New Jersey made big headlines after Hurricane Sandy. Many of the Garden State’s coastal areas were severely damaged and the area was impacted in countless other ways from extensive property damage, widespread (and long lasting) power outages and the loss of 40 citizens, to the threat wildlife and important ecosystems, and billions of dollars in lost revenue.

While many areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy are well on the road to recovery, New Jersey still has a long way to go. Help New Jersey recover by volunteering with or donating to one of the organizations below:

  • Occupy Sandy, New Jersey One of the leaders of recovery efforts across the tri-state area, Occupy is committed to seeing New Jersey’s recovery through. Keep up to date with volunteer opportunities by following the @OccupySandyNJ Twitter feed.
  • New Jersey Relief Fund Set up by Governor Chris Christie and his wife, Mary Pat Christie, donations to this fund to support on-the-ground rebuilding efforts.
  • New Jersey Strong This grassroots relief organization was founded by a brother and sister team, Lindsay Donald, 24 and her brother Stephan, 21. In the few weeks since the storm, they have rallied local volunteers to help dozens of families across New Jersey clean up their homes and prepare for rehabilitation. Check their website for donation and hands-on volunteer opportunities

Do you know of another organization helping New Jersey rebuild and recover after Hurricane Sandy? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us at @repairtheworld and tagging #8SandyNights.