Join Reboot On March 7-8 For the National Day of Unplugging

From sundown to sundown, March 7th to 8th, thousands of people across the world from New York and Tel Aviv, to Warsaw and Australia, will turn off their cellphones, log out of Twitter, shut down their Kindles and take a 24-hour break from technology. Sounds kinda familiar, right? That’s because the ancient Jewish tradition of observing Shabbat (the Sabbath) is the inspiration behind Reboot’s fourth annual National Day of Unplugging.

Based around 10 universal principles called the Sabbath Manifesto – things like “get outside,” “find silence,” and “give back” – The National Day of Unplugging encourages people to temporarily disconnect from their hectic, fast-paced lives and reconnect to the world and people around them. Some folks will join in because they are traditionally observant Jews who “unplug” every week. Some will join because they think it’s eco-friendly to give their electronics a little break. And some will join in simply because they want the opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. So why do YOU unplug?
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MLK Day in Pittsburgh

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By Repair the World Pittsburgh Fellow Dravidi Stinnett

February is Build a Movement Month

There is an awesome Jewish midrash (story) about an old man seen planting a fig tree. He is working very hard to dig the soil and plant it just so when another person spots him and asks, “Do you really think you will be around long enough to eat the ripe figs off that tree?” And he answers, “My ancestors planted for me, so now I plant for my children.”

Here at Repair the World, we are kind of obsessed with that story. Not only does it express a sweet sentiment about the passing generations and speak to our sense of environmental responsibility: this story has tons to say about building a movement.
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