Reflection & MLK Day

By Repair the World Fellow Emily Benoit

On Martin Luther King (MLK) days in previous years I spent my time participating in service projects with local organizations to build community parks, work in soup kitchens, and do direct service.

However, working with Repair The World (RTW) and on the Civic Works Community Lot Team, I experienced my first reflective MLK day. During this time, my team and I discussed our experiences with the Civil Rights Movement and reflected on the meaning and impact of our direct service work. Together, we viewed “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1985.”  The first portion of the PBS documentary explored the stories of Emmett Till and The Montgomery Bus Boycott as well as interviewed important Civil Rights individuals and organizers.
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MLK Day in Baltimore

By Repair the World Fellow Ariel Nathan

What a weekend! I began the weekend at Oheb Shalom, a Reform Jewish congregation in Park Heights (a fairly Jewish suburb of Baltimore City). Oheb Shalom has a thirteen-year partnership with Bethel AME Church (the AME stands for African Methodist Episcopal). Each year on MLK weekend Church members attend Kabbalat Shabbat services at Oheb Shalom and on Sunday Morning synagogue members attend Bethel’s morning mass. Friday night services were awesome! The two choirs joined together and sang, but the best part was when the Bethel choir sang on their own. Their voices were gorgeous, the musicians were excellent, everything about it was beautiful and it absolutely gave me chills.
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Reflections on Maghar: UMass Yahel Insight Program

Originally posted on the Yahel Israel Blog, January 22, 2014.

This post was written by Seth Engelbourg, one of the participants on the UMass HillelYahel Insight Program.  In January 2014, 13 students volunteered in the Druze village of Maghar, working with the local non-profit organization Horizons for the Future.

Over winter break, 13 students from the University of Massachusetts elected to participate in a service-learning program located in Maghar, Israel. This ten-day program was run as a partnership between three organizations: UMass Hillel, Yahel, and Horizons for the Future (Ofekim L’Atid).

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Drink Up with First Lady Michelle Obama

January is Healthy Living Month here at Repair the World. Stop by all month long for interviews with our favorite health-focused organizations, inspiring stories, and tips to change your life while changing the world.

Maybe you have heard of Michelle Obama’s (a.k.a. FLOTUS) Let’s Move! campaign, that is helping to raise a generation of healthier, more physically active kids? Maybe you’ve seen Beyonce’s official Let’s Move! dance video?

But do you know about Drink Up? If not, fill up your water bottles and get reading drinking. Drink Up is Mrs. Obama’s newest healthy living initiative that promotes more water consumption (not soda or fruit juices – clean pure water) as a way of getting energized and refreshed.

Are you a big fan of hydration? Slightly obsessed with your Klean Kanteen? Or just interested in adding more H2O to your diet? Join the Drink Up movement! Instagram a photo of yourself drinking a tall cold glass of the good stuff and tag #DrinkH20, and you’ll be added to the photo gallery of water drinkers across the country. Meanwhile, check out this great video that explains why you – and everyone – should drink up:

How To: Start a Healthy Living Club at Work or School

January is Healthy Living Month here at Repair the World. Stop by all month long for interviews with our favorite health-focused organizations, inspiring stories, and tips to change your life while changing the world.

With January quickly ticking by, maybe your resolutions to get or stay healthy in 2014 have fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, you have all the tools you need: your coworkers or classmates! Find a few likeminded people at work or school and start a DIY Healthy Living Club.

Together, you’ll motivate yourselves and one another to keep up with your healthy living resolutions and begin good habits now – before Passover’s matzo ball and brisket-fest kicks into high gear. Here’s how:

Start a Weekly Yoga Club. Have a coworker or classmate who is a budding yogi? Enlist them in leading your group in a weekly, 30 minute yoga class at the beginning of the day, at lunchtime, or before everyone goes home. If you have the group but need a teacher, seek out a yoga student who is training for his or her teaching certification. They need to rack up instruction hours and will likely be willing to lead you for cheap or even free.

Schedule Walking Meet Ups. Spending all day at your desk or in classes is ironically exhausting, and not great for your overall health. Pick a time to meet up with your coworkers or classmates for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood or quad. The sunshine and fresh air will make everyone more productive.

Host a Healthy Lunch Potluck. Once a week, schedule a healthy lunch potluck where everyone brings something wholesome and nutritious to share for lunch. Set ground rules in advance with the group – like no refined white flour or sugar, or all vegetarian, or whatever makes sense for your group.

Hold Water Cooler Contests. Help encourage water drinking at the office by holding a contest. Hang a chart near the water cooler with everyone’s name on it and give everyone a reusable water bottle. Have them put a check by their name every time they fill up their water bottle. The person with the most checks at the end of the week wins a prize – and the hydration admiration of their peers.

Plan a Weekend Excursion. If you really like your coworkers or classmates, schedule a hike or basketball game for the weekend. Aside from being fun, it will be the talk of Monday morning.

What are your healthy living tips for the office or at school? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @repairtheworld.

Making MLK Day a Weekend On, Not a Day Off

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’”

This weekend become part of the living legacy of Dr. King by turning your kitchen table into a table of brotherhood. Join Repair the WorldPoints of Light and the Corporation for National & Community Service in a MLK Shabbat Supper, Sunday Supper and service project near you!
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Celebrate Tu Bishvat with Repair the World and Around the Country

Hey everyone, it’s time for Tu Bishvat – a.k.a. The Jewish holiday for the trees. Tu Bishvat is an ancient holiday that has evolved and changed throughout the centuries into a celebration of tikkun olam (repairing the world), connecting to the environment, eating seasonal and ancient biblical fruits, and having fun at seder celebrations.

There are lots of great ways to celebrate around the country – including with Repair the World’s own Fellows. Plug in and get connected to Tu Bishvat!

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Repair Interview: Jerusha Klemperer of FoodCorps

January is Healthy Living Month here at Repair the World. Stop by all month long for interviews with our favorite health-focused organizations, inspiring stories, and tips to change your life while changing the world.

Its no surprise that we love service programs here at Repair the World. We also love organizations that work to create healthier kids and communities. So we’re pretty much over the moon for FoodCorps, an organization that’s part of the AmeriCorps service network, and that “connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy.” Yeah. Pretty awesome.
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Top 5 Ways to Volunteer While Getting Healthy

January is Healthy Living Month here at Repair the World. Stop by all month long for interviews with our favorite health-focused organizations, inspiring stories, and tips to change your life while changing the world.

Lots of people begin each January with resolutions. Some folks resolve to get healthy – to eat better, exercise more, or give up an unhealthy habit. Others make a resolution to volunteer more often and engage with their communities. We say, why not combine the two? Here are our Top 5 ways to volunteer while getting healthy. Win. Win.

Be a Big. Enroll with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and you’ll get paired up with an awesome kid who can double as an exercise buddy. Shoot hoops together, go on a hike, or try kayaking or bowling together with your “Little.” You’ll make connections and change not one life, but two!

Staff a Health Fair. Volunteer to run a table or help set up or clean up at a local health fair. While there, chat up all the great organizations and health providers in attendance.

Volunteer at a Yoga studio. Are you a yoga fiend? Get your stretch on while making a difference. Most yoga studios have some kind of work study program where you volunteer a few hours a week or month at the studio and get free or reduced-price classes. The Kripalu Center, a well-loved yoga retreat center in Massachusetts, also has a great, 6-month volunteer program for those who want to make a long-term commitment.

Run it Out. Volunteer with a local fitness and community organization like the New York Road Runners. Help others achieve their fitness resolutions by staffing a race, and get hooked into a health-focused community.

Play for Peace. Peace Players International is an awesome organization that uses basketball to bring children together in conflict-ridden countries like South Africa, Northern Ireland, Israel, the West Bank, and Cyprus. Volunteer at one of their sites and make a difference in kids lives while shooting hoops for peace.

What’s your favorite way to get fit while volunteering? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @repairtheworld.

Healthy Living Month at Repair the World

Tis the season…for healthy living!

Staying healthy is important all year round, but January is a big month when people re-up their commitment to eat well, exercise more, and get spiritually centered. That’s why, all January long Repair the World will be celebrating Healthy Living Month on our blog.

Join us here throughout the month for interviews with some of our favorite healthy living organizations – groups that inspire us to get on our bikes, eat delicious, healthy food, drink lots of water (and a lot less soda!) and help others do the same. Meanwhile, we will share inspiring stories and lots of tips to help you change yourself while changing the world!

Here are some of our favorite posts from Healthy Living Month:
Drink Up with First Lady Michele Obama
How to Start a Healthy Living Club at Work or School
Repair Interview: Jerusha Klemperer of FoodCorps
Top 5 Ways to Volunteer While Getting Healthy
Spotlight on Hazon’s Jewish Bike Rides

Got an inspiring healthy living story to share? Hit us up on Twitter @repairtheworld.