When natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados strike, they can leave entire families and communities struggling to pick up the pieces.

As witnesses to the tragedy, our natural inclination is to help – donating money or food, or heading to the affected place to assist in cleanup efforts. But sometimes our good intentions do not have a great outlet. We send donated blankets, when there is no way of distributing them. We send money without knowing if and how it will be used. We show up only to be told there is no specific way we can help.

Now The Jewish Disaster Response Corps and NECHAMA – Jewish Response to Disaster in conjunction with Knesseth Israel Congregation in Alabama are teaming up to create a meaningful, impactful volunteer opportunity to help the hardest-hit state, Alabama.

Together, these organizations are opening up a volunteer project in Birmingham to help Alabama’s communities recover. Specific activities will include both clean up and helping to rebuild community buildings and infrastructures. People who want to help on the ground should contact recovery[@]kicong.org or call (205) 259-6986.

And if you cannot make it to Birmingham in the near future, Knesseth Israel Congregation has also compiled a list of local organizations that do need financial support and supplies, and are working around the clock to make sure that donations get to families in need. Find out more here.